Through the changes in the business industry with increasingly open office space, like an open-plan office or non-territorial office, several people work together in one room. They are able to communicate, but also can disturb each other. To support the job satisfaction, the sense of well-being, as well as the productivity a possibility of retreat in this section is useful.

With isoroom we offer a sound insulating cabin system, which complements the work environment and enables retreat. isoroom is offered as isoroom OFFICE and isoroom TECH . isoroom will be equipped with ventilation system and power outlet and is therefore very adaptable for the user. The minimal space consumption allows isoroom to be installed nearly everywhere.

Application Possibilities

Whether as retreat of increased noise exposure, temperature load or as a medium of communication for confidential calls and undisturbed work, isoroom is versatile and can be used for different work processes.

You can adjust isoroom individually according your needs and wishes.

Fields of application:

  • production sheds
  • open-plan
  • libraries
  • universities and
  • shopping malls
  • restaurants
  • airports
  • train stations
  • exhibitions

isoroom ist eine Marke der Büroland GmbH

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isoroom ist eine Marke der Büroland GmbH